Moving Help Center started off as a moving labor company in Houston, TX in 2004. From 4 brothers providing labor only moving services for Uhaul's moving help website, Movers 4 Houston rapidly became a multinational platform connecting clients with local moving helpers directly.

As movers, we networked with other reputable moving labor providers and created a solution that works for clients as well as honest, hardworking movers.


We cut the middleman, brokers and investors out the way, providing a cost-effective solution for families looking for a couple of reliable, experienced hands to load/unload their rental truck or portable storage container.

Our philsophy of keeping things honest, up-front and simple has helped us grow - and word of mouth has kept us moving.

As of 2021, we have spread to 3 countries: Canada, United States and Mexico. We are teaming up with reliable, professional movers everywhere.


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We strive to keep information on our site accurate and up to date.

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