What Does HemoTypeSC Detect?

HemoTypeSC detects hemoglobin A, hemoglobin S, and hemoglobin C using highly specific monoclonal antibodies. Therefore, six different hemoglobin phenotypes can be resolved: HbAA, HbAS, HbAC, HbSS, HbSC, and HbCC. HemoTypeSC is blind to fetal hemoglobin, meaning that even samples with very high HbF (i.e. from newborns with >95% HbF content) can be accurately screened.

Has HemoTypeSC Been Approved for Use as an in Vitro Diagnostic?

Yes, HemoTypeSChas received CE Mark approval as an IVD and is registered as an IVD in many countries. See the "Registrations" section of this website for more information.

How Does HemoTypeSC Work?

HemoTypeSC is a competitive lateral flow immunoassay. The hemoglobin in the blood sample “competes away” the corresponding test line on the test strip. Therefore, a missing line means a positive result for that particular hemoglobin.

How Long Does the Test Take?

Ten minutes.

Can HemoTypeSC Be Used for Newborns?  How about Adults?

HemoTypeSC may be used to screen individuals of all ages and is ideal for screening newborns. Each monoclonal antibody in HemoTypeSC is highly sensitive for its respective hemoglobin and is blind to fetal hemoglobin. So, even newborns with very high levels of fetal hemoglobin and low levels of other hemoglobins may be confidently screened.

Can Dried Blood Spots Be Tested?

Yes! HemoTypeSC is unique in that we have validated a very simple protocol for screening dried blood spots (DBS) in addition to fresh whole blood. Please contact us for the DBS screening protocol.

What Do I Need in Order to Run a HemoTypeSC Test?

Each HemoTypeSC test kit includes test strips, blood transfer devices, and water transfer pipettes. Clean test tubes or vials with a rack and a small amount of clean, fresh water are additionally needed for the test but not included with the test kit.

How Accurate Is HemoTypeSC?

HemoTypeSC has repeatedly displayed >99% sensitivity >99% specificity in over one dozen independent field validation studies conducted throughout Africa, India, and the Caribbean, involving thousands of patients.

How Can I Purchase HemoTypeSC?

Please contact info@hemotype.com for details about procuring the test in your particular country.

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