How to book a Tattoo Appointment?

1. Select your tattoo design, meaure it in Inches & select the area you wish to place it. (e.g Leg, arm, neck, ect.) 2. Select a tattoo artist of your choice and send them all the info you would of collected. 3. Arrange your date & time for your tattoo appointment to confirm your booking and thats it.

Whats the legal age to get a Tattoo?

18yrs is the legal age to get a tattoo, however some shops may have different policies.

Whats the cost of a Tattoo?

The final price of a tattoo depends on the Size & Design of the tattoo you select along with the Artist.

How can a Tattoo artist be apart of inkednproud.com

Email or Whatsapp us your : 1. Name 2. Studio Name 3. Ten (10) pictures of your work To 1868-336-7562 | inkednproud@gmail.com Your information will then be reviewed, once confirmed you will be able to register.