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Connect with local movers to load your portable storage container.


What does portable storage loading & unloading include?

Need help loading/unloading your portable storage container? Have a team meet you at your location to take care of the heavy-lifting and organizing.

You get 2 movers with a dolly for up to 5 hours of loading/unloading services. The movers meet you at your location and load/unload your stuff for you. The movers may also help you with furniture wrapping/unwrapping, light furniture assembly/disassembly & washer/dryer connection/disconnection.


You must provide moving blankets, shrink wrap and instruct your moving helpers to wrap key pieces of furniture for you. Also, be sure to have rope or "tie-downs" for the movers to secure furniture to the interior wall of the portable storage container. This helps prevent damages and decreases the probability of your furniture falling over during transport.


When does the time start?

After the movers arrive on your location, they may take a few minutes to walk around to get an idea of the layout. They will also take a few minutes to assess the furniture etc. The time starts whenever the movers start to load things into your truck for you.

Need to rent a portable storage? Click here.


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