3 Simple DIY Steps to Transforming Your Home While on Lockdown

A lot of people are stuck at home and looking for ways to invest their newly found free time around the house. Here are 3 simple & cost-effecient things you can do right now!


Brighten Up Your Inner Space

Look at your walls, how do they make you feel? Did you know there's a connection between the colors you surround yourself with and how you feel? According to an article on WebMD, proponents of color psychology believe that the colors you use to decorate your home can have a profound effect on the emotional well-being of you and your family

"What color you paint your walls isn't just a matter of aesthetics. It's a tool that can be leveraged to affect emotions and behavior." says Leslie Harrington, a color consultant in Old Greenwich, Conn. and a noted expert on the use of color in residential and industrial decor.

Living room is a gathering point for the family. The livingroon and foyer are also usually the first room you and visitors see when entering your house. Kate Smith, a color consultant in Lorton, Va, suggest using warm colors and earth tones because they stimulate conversation.

For around $20, you can buy a gallon of decent quality interior paint and transform your inner livingroom space by painting your walls.

Photo by Fran Hogan

Windows XP Treatment

Opening your windows can help how you feel, and a well decorated window can also help your demeanor. Painting your livingroom walls is like laying the foundation, window treatment is another crucial operation in building and transforming your inner space.

According to Apollo Draperies, many studies have dived into the way that lighting and natural light affect our moods, creativity and our sleep patterns. So when picking out a window treatment, don't just focus on the color, also consider how they will open and let in the light.

Window treatment doesn't have to be expensive, you can buy decent drapes, blinds, shades and curtains from places like IKEA and even Groupon. Installation, for the most part, is as easy as grabbing a screwdriver and saying "screw it" and do it yourself.

Order Out of Chaos

Do you have a lot of random stuff laying around your house? Just like the universe has stars and planets strategically placed in a sensible order, do the same with the eye-catchers in your house. Look under your bed, in your closet, and pull out the things you think you have no space or use for and let the inner-creator out to play.

Do you have books with nice covers? Seashells? Candles? You can look on pinterest and find a lot of intresting ideas on what to do with the random stuff you have in your house right now. Make a statment, be bold - little things can say alot. Make order (and art) from the elements that contribute to chaos and watch how differently your inner-space looks and feels.


A lot of people are "stuck" in their homes right now. But by a simple reframing of the frame of mind, we can use this opportunity to transform our inner-space.


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