5 Mexican Soldiers Descend on Retired American Couple With Tire Iron

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Mexican Military Descend on Retired Couple

On February 16th, a retired American couple from Reno, NV were driving south of the border when the unexpected happen. The issue resulted in the Mexican Military flagging them down.

The incident occurred near the Loreto Military checkpoint in Baja California Sur. Loreto is a city on Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula, on the Gulf of California It's a popular tourist spot for American's looking to take a break on the Mexican Beaches.

"We pulled into the parking area. Five young soldiers descended upon us and told us where to park" said retiree, Lori Lillo, recalling the incident that shocked her conscience and left an impression that would last a life time.

Travel Warnings & Bad News

Lori and her husband were driving through Mexico enjoying their retirement like many Americans who decide to visit south of the border despite travel warnings and bad news.

Lori studied at the University of Nevada in Reno. The retiree has been married since 1980 and has experience living abroad. She has lived in La Paz, Mexico and Ensenada, Baja California.

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5 Young Soldiers Yield a Tire Iron

"Yesterday as we were driving south, we had a severe tire blowout. As it turned out, we were just at the turn for the Loreto Military checkpoint. We pulled into the parking area. Five young soldiers descended upon us and told us where to park" she continued. "Immediately, they went to work and started to change our tire. They set the jack, lifted the truck. Then it was discovered that someone had put on a random bolt that was oversized and that our wrench would not remove it"

The situation escalated from there. "They flagged down passing trucks to find a wrench that would fit. They were polite, courteous, helpful, respectful. They worked as a pit crew to change our tire. Our truck was open the whole time" Lori, shocked by what she went through while in Mexico.

Lesson Taught, Lesson Learned

"As they worked they accepted our offer of cold drinks, but when they finished they refused our offer of money" she told everyone.

Mexico, it's not what you think.

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