Are People Still Moving During COVID-19 Pandemic?

Do you need to relocate and are unsure if you can make a move during the current crisis?

Off The Hook

We have been getting calls from customers wanting to know if movers are still available to help them move, and on the other hand, we are getting calls from movers looking for more work.

On social media groups, we have noticed people asking each other the same question: can I still move? Our answer: yes, no, or maybe - it depends.

We still have moving helpers assisting customers in their area. "My moves have not really slowed down. I still have a full calendar this week" reported Armando of Texas Moving Center in Houston, TX on a recent phone call.

On the other hand, we have noticed in Atlanta, Budget Truck Rental has closed down for safety reasons and will update whenever they have more info.

Mixed Messages

Although we have had a couple of cancellations this week, we also have had multiple bookings as well. Since we have teams nationwide, we encourage people who are looking to move first check with their local truck rental company to see if they are opened.

Not all cities & towns have the same restrictions. If you can still rent a truck in your area, odds are that movers listed on our site are also still moving.

Please let us know what's going on in your area. Share info on our Facebook page so other can see. Click here.

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Moving Coordinator

I started off as a moving helper for a popular truck rental company and eventually created a network of moving helpers of my own.

We now have members in 3 countries.

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