Breaking Free - In The Heart I Was Made

A Prisoner in My Own Estate

We hear many people speaking about their desire to liberated. But to be liberated usually implies a current confinement to something or somewhere. And most people do feel a pressure somewhere within them, an impulse attempting to be set free, but for some reason, they are unable to free it. Something within them is stopping them. Their potential is chained to a wall in a dark dungeon, and they do not have the key or strenght to free themselves.

They know there is an issue, but they are unsure of what it is - muchless how to begin to rectify it. In my journeys, I have learned that we are the creators of both our confinement and our freedom.

Ignorance, supersition and hate are like 3 savages attacking and subjecting life & light into a dark place. There is hope, though, locked away in the prisoners treasure chest.

Seek knowledge, find truth and embrace love

Seek and You Shall Find

As we look at systems that have been imparting knowledge of these matters to their students, we can see the concept of virtues and vices being central to them all. So somewhere in this mix is a recipe. A clue is given to all the E:.A:.'s in our craft as he is handed a lambskin apron - in the beginning.

In some esoteric systems it is suggested that knowledge is something that the individual can uncover - meaning, in a sense, the Truth lies within them already. They just need to take a few steps and follow an easy to understand recipe in order to create this mysterious solution which helps them regain their sight, or should I say insight, into the matters of the heart by removing the muddy cover.

As the E:.A:. initiates thinking and inquires into matters related to his being, he is given certain instructions, such as being silent and practicing certain virtues regularly.

Faith, Hope & Charity, 3 beautiful sisters take his hand and pull him away from the 3 savages that were killing and hiding his body in the dark place. He begins to see, to a degree, a new life - the seed of the evergreen begins to break ground.

The Truth is in Action

To do good is within us, but the inclination to behave ignorantly is also a potential we harbor. The nature that grows is usually the one we water regularly. Action is key. To think lofty thoughts, to speak about virtues are nothing but good & beautiful sounds, it's the in the acts that one finds the Truth.

Do not be content with speaking good, step your game up and do good works - regularly. If a person can commit themselves to going to work daily for resources, then the same person can commit to employing these great principals and virtues daily for the sake of life eternal.

Be blessed, be well, do good.

(Addressing the EA lodge)

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I started off as a moving helper for a popular truck rental company and eventually created a network of moving helpers of my own.

We now have members in 3 countries.

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