Broken Car Window? Quick Tip & Temporary Fix: Carpet Shield

One of the things most of us experience is a broken car window. Not a fun thing to deal with in the middle of a winter, especially while going to work, or coming back from a move.

Broken Car Window: Cheap & Easy Fix

"Just whip out the carpet shield" veteran mover, Andrew Bennett of Asher Moving suggests.

"Its clear, its strong, and it last longer than regular plastic" He said, remembering a time when one of his buddies used it to cover the back window of his pick-up truck. "it lasted a whole month easily" Andrew recalls.

Carpet shield is a clear plastic that movers put on the carpet and floors before they start moving their clients things. The plastic does take a serious beating during a move, not ripping and staying in place as movers roll a dolly or walk arcoss it with heavy furniture and loads of boxes.

Where to Buy Carpet Shield

Not everyone has the resources available to replace a broken car window within an hour, either because of the cost or because there's not a place immediately available. However, odds are, there's a Home Depot close by. If you are not in a rush, you can get it for less online.

Carpet shield runs for about $40 bucks at Home Depot, or you can buy it for $20 on Groupon.

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