Cheap Apartment Movers in Houston, TX

If you are looking for a cost-efficient way to move from one apartment to another, learn more about cheap apartment movers in Houston, TX.

Modern & Efficient

Renting an apartment and having to move everything yourself can be stressful, and hiring a traditional moving company can be very expensive and out of the average person's budget. Our moving solution is a mix between diy moving and hiring movers to help you move.

If you are moving from one apartment to another and just need a few movers to literally carry your items from one building to the next, you can do that with our Houston Movers.

If you are moving from one apartment and need to relocate to another apartment on the other side of town, you can have a team help you with that too by hiring movers in Houston to take care of the labor only part of your move.

Cheap Way to Move in Houston

Rent a truck, pack your things and hire moving helpers in Houston to load and unload your stuff for you. Save time, money and a backache whenever you hire experienced hands to help you with your move. Yes, you can actually hire movers for labor only in Houston, TX.

Tips for Aparment Moving in Houston

Not all apartments are created equal, and not all couches will fit through the door of one apartment just because it did at another. Staircases, door width, all may vary, and even a small variance may create a big problem on moving day.

The difference between 30-40 extra minutes is literally a fraction of an inch if the couch is too big to fit through the door.

"Sometimes we have to take the legs off the couch and remove the door," reported Armando of Texas Moving Center in Houston, one of our top providers. "This can be a pain for everyone involved since it takes a lot more time than expected."

After Your Apartment Move

After you have moved everything out of the apartment, go over any imperfections and then take photos just in case your old landlord tries to argue with you about your deposit. Sadly enough, this does happen.

Need help hanging a TV? What about painting? Need someone to assemble that new IKEA desk for you? You can find an affordable & trustworthy solution for your post-move needs at TaskRabbit - see here.

Houston Apartment Moving Made Easy

If you are looking for movers to move your things from one building to the next or to load and unload your rental truck for you, click here to book moving helpers in Houston

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