Chloroquine, The Drug Used to Treat COVID-19, is Available in Mexico

A drug the US is now testing as a potential treatment for coronavirus, chloronoquine, is already part of the recommended course of treatment in China. Tesla CEO Elon Musk sparked massive interest in the drug after tweeting that chloroquine was “maybe worth considering” as a potential treatment for the COVID-19 coronavirus.

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Chloroquine / Cloroquina

We also mentioned the drug on March 16th in our article Cheap and Common Drug Shown Effective Against COVID-19. In the article we cited & sourced the Chinese researchers work in PubMed. The drug is available - over the counter - in Mexico. Its common & well stocked.

Coincidently enough, we happen to have a source in Monterrey, NL; Mexico.

"Guess what?" asked Rome, the traveler and blogger we know. "That drug that's all over the news, just so happens to be available all over Mexico. I just got back from the pharmacy down the street from my house and they confirmed the prices and all" he excited said over a WhatsApp voice call.

According to Rome, its a popular anti-malarial drug among travelers who do backpacking in Mexico. "Mosquitoes are bad in the mountains, and backpackers buy it whenever they go camping to avoid getting sick" he reported. Its used by healthy people as a precaution against malaria- Its available over the counter - without presciption.

The Inside Scoop

Some pharmacy's may require you to see a doctor, convienently enough, those pharmacies have a doctor in their store. A doctors visit cost around $5. They basically just caution you about the potential effects then write you a presciption for chloroquine - or cloroquina in Spanish.

Chloroquine can be sold under different brands, even generic brands are available. The cost averages from $20 USD to $50 USD, depending on the brand and mg's you buy. Commonly sold, is Aralen 150 mg oral 30 tablets. A Box of 30 tablet sells for around $30 USD.

American Drug Dealers

President Donald Trump directed the Food and Drug Administration to investigate whether chloroquine, which is available by prescription only in US, should be given to patients with the virus.

Bayer, the international drugmaker, said that it would donate 3 million tablets of the drug Resochin, their recipe of chloroquine phosphate, to U.S. patients.

"People have been asking me if I can mail it to them in US. I tell them I do not know. Its easier to just visit Mexico and buy it yourself. Mexico is not dangerous and people will help you get what you need - no judgements. You don't even have to speak Spanish in Monterrey - I don't." said Rome.

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