Did You Know That Budget Truck Rental is Cheaper Than Uhaul? Learn How to Save on Truck Rentals.

Most of the clients we get are looking to save money on their relocation - every dollar counts. And since renting a moving truck is a central part of DIY moving, we compared the two most recognized truck rental companies in North America.

We like to point people in the right direction - especially towards saving & reliability.

Comparing Truck Rental Companies

Whenever we rent a truck, reliability & safety are a major part of the decision making process. No one wants to rent a truck only to find out at the last-minute that’s it’s not available, or that the rental trucks that are available are not exactly what you had in mind for your move.

Most customer's want an up-to-date truck that's maintained regularly, and made to live up to some sort of standard of safety and decency. It's ot going to look cool taking picture of you moving your things in a jalopy on #MovingDay, right? Especially if it breaks down and leaves you stranded in some state between your orgin and destination. Reliability & safety matter.

Budget Truck Rental & Uhaul are two brands that people can depend on when looking for availability and reliability.

Real Rental Truck Quotes

Truck Rental Online Quotes

We can all get an instant online quote for a rental truck. It only takes 2-3 minutes to have the quotes in writing, right in front of you. Whether you need to rent a truck for a local move or a long distance one, you can get a quote online without even talking to a person over the phone.

Truck Rental and Local Moving

We compared truck rental cost for a local moving in Baltimore, MD for this example, with a 2 week advance notice and moving on a weekday. Budget Truck Rental lived up to it's reputation for providing rental trucks for less.

Budget has a 12 Ft. Rental Truck. We compared its rates against Uhaul's 10Ft Rental.

Budget's 12ft rental truck was $15.99 per day, whereas Uhauls was $19.95 per day.

(Please note: We used promo code '20DIS' to save on Budget Truck)

That's only a $3 difference, I know. But where the savings really add up (or the cost drives up) is in the rates per mile for a local move.

The Fine Print

The 12Ft rental truck from Budget was 63 cents per mile, and Uhaul's small truck was 99 cents per mile. Almost a 30% difference.

Yes, it all adds up at the end of the day. If you only drove 20 miles total, you would see a $7 difference. So far, for a small rental truck and moving a very small distance, you would save $10 with Budget Truck Rental.

Realistically, the average local move usually runs 30+ miles. This was just a small test for local moving in a small rental truck, the savings get bigger the bigger the truck and the longer the distance.

See bigger Budget Truck Rates

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