Firefighters Join Moving Help Center's Moving Labor Program for Extra Revenue - See How!

With a successful 3 year trial run in Columbus, OH, Moving Help Center's Moving Labor Program Director, Rome C. Dias, invites more firefighters & fire departments to join forces.

"I encourage more firefighters, whether on their own or with their department, to enter our program." Rome said with excitement.

Firefighters & Moving Labor Services

"Since we started working with JJ Cabus, a firefighter in Columbus, OH who helped us opened the program in his department, customer's have been keeping us busy with request for moving help" reported our moving coordinator, who typically deals with 10-15 request a day for the firefighters and their moving labor services.

"It's amazing to see that clients tend to ask more about the firemen to help them move than the actual local movers" said Rome. "It's about trust & peace of mind. Firefighter's are just considered more noble than the average mover - no matter their raving online reviews. People seem to be more willing to open their door for firefighters than the other options."

Moving Labor Program

Moving Help Center connects clients with experienced hands who can load/unload their rental truck, portable storage container or trailer for them.

Our program is available in US, Canada & UK.

From college students to moving companies, the experienced moving help comes in many forms. Since the client just needs a set of hands and able-bodies to lift things for them, no special license is required for providing labor services for truck rental customers. Its equivalent to paying a buddy to help lift a couch, but these buddies have experience, reviews, dollies and pretty much what a person who is moving needs.

Be a Moving Helper & Earn Cash Daily

Are you a firefighter? Join our network today and help your local community get moving - and earn some extra cash while you are at it.

- Make your own rates

- Work your own hours

- Be your own boss

- Get paid cash on location

Click here to be a local moving helper

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Moving Coordinator

I started off as a moving helper for a popular truck rental company and eventually created a network of moving helpers of my own.

We now have members in 3 countries.

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