Former NFL Player Turns to Moving Help Center to Promote His Company

"Hey, Rome, remember me?" a familiar voice was asking me this morning over the phone. "It's Horace, we spoke a couple of years ago. Remember, I am the NFL player who created a moving labor company in Houston with some of my buddies".


I did remember. Horace Hodges is one of those larger than life personalities who sort of sticks with you. Even over the phone, the friendly giant can make your room shake with his voice and engery.

"Rome, let's catch up. We have so much to talk about" said Horace as I was preparing my morning cup of coffee and considering playing hookie on a fine Monday morning. But, of course, any thought of hiding from my responsibilities as a business-owner fled as soon as the enthusiastic Houston Mover and entrepreneur called me into action - so much for recovering from a weekend of hard work under the merciless sun.

"Horace, what's up? How have you been? Its been a good minute since we last spoke" I replied as soon as I mustered the ambition to speak. I haven't had my morning cup of motivation yet.


Horace then goes into an narrative about his past 3 years and how his moving labor company quickly rose among the ranks across various websites and moving help marketplaces - and he was excited about the potential of us working closer together.

Since we haven't spoken in a few years, Horace had new info for me to digest. 250 Houston Movers available to shoot off at any moment - same day services are available. Of course, Horace being the careful professional that he is says "bonded, insured and anything else you can think of".

After sliding me his new pay requirements, I carefully deliberated his proposal: I will give your clients an exclusive rate and in return you send me as much work as possible. 250+ mouths to feed is a lot - especially if they are all attached to giants like Horace.

Indeed, he gave us an exclusive rate - lower than everywhere else.

"Rome, I got to go. I just pulled up on a location and its time for a walk-tru" then just like that, Horace, the former NFL player turned Houston Mover gets off the phone: Showtime!

Horace Family Movers, the company he created a few years back, is indeed everywhere online & offline. With outstanding reviews just about everywhere - and actual photos of the men and their work - I had more than enough data to base my decision and make a plan to get keep these guys working night & day in Houston and surrounding areas.


Its not hard promoting companies with a good history and tons of references online - especially one that's obviously professional and truly committed to service - some serve because they have to, other because they love it. Horace genuinely loves what he does.

If you are looking for reliable and highly capable men to load your furniture into your rental truck, portable storage container - or even just to move things around in your home, let us connect you with the professionals at Hodges Family Movers.

Click here to see Hodges Family Movers Rates

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