GameStop Confirms it Will Have PS5's Available for BlackFriday 2020.

Within hours of its release, the PlayStation 5 flew off shelves and sold out on many marketplaces online. Individual's began to resell the console at double the cost, creating anger on several social media platforms.

PlayStation 5 & Black Friday

According to GameStop, BestBuy confirmed that they will not have any consoles available in their stores until 2021. This does not mean that, perhaps, some stores are actually sold out. Some stores have, in the past, held on to a few consoles for sale on big days, such as Black Friday.

" It's likely many stores are holding back stock for Black Friday, and some retailers have even confirmed Black Friday availability. GameStop is one of those stores" GameStop stated on their blog.

On their blog, they mentioned that Walmart stated they will have units available for Black Friday, though nothing has been confirmed by Walmart as of yet.

Here are a list of places to check:

Its recommended to check these places daily and, if you see it, snatch it up before someone else with an itchy finger pulls the trigger.

If you do not mind paying more than the retail price, then try Ebay.

As of right now, there are several for sale - see PlayStation 5 on Ebay.

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