Get a "Home-Office" Away from Home from $20 a Day! No Contract!

by Romullo Campos Dias

Home-Office Away from Home

A lot of entrepreneur's and small-business owners are looking for a solution for their current crisis: work from home with wife & kids. Since the pandemic, this problem has gotten bigger & bigger. I found an affordable & practical solution: a home-office away from home.

I rented a small studio from a property owner on AirBnb. It had everything I needed and then some. It included internet, shower with hot-water etc. I booked it for a week on AirBnb, giving it a test-run.

As an experienced traveler, I know better than to rent a place for a month without first giving it a trial-run. You never know what quirks you might encounter, so its always good to casually date the place for a few days before you commit to a longer term.

For my business needs, I needed a place to run my day-to-day operations (emails/phone calls), basically an office away from home since my wife and kids are doing homeschooling for the rest of the year. I just needed to find a place for the fall/winter season.

Home Office Solutions Near You

The place I rented was down the street from my house. It's literally walking distance and hit's the fine points on my "must have" list. I booked a week on AirBnb and was given the property owners information. After a week, I left the owner a good review and then called him a few days later.

The owner, who was new on the platform, was happy to have a client who (1) paid (2) had a reputation (3) left a good review - he was happy to hear back from me. I told him I needed a place for a little longer than a week - he told me no problem and was eager to make a side deal.

Long story short, we agreed on a 3-month stay for about 30% less than what it would have been on the platform. Cash is king, and he was happy to recieve a fixed amount every two weeks, in cash, straight to his banking account.

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