Help Us Help Local Essential Workers Looking for Work

With the current pandemic, we are experiencing tough times and uncertainties - but there is one thing certain: people have to eat. Humanity is one big family, as one we suffer, and as one we can resolve suffering.

Moving Forward

Our brand connects local moving helpers with families needing help moving. In most cities, movers and moving companies (as well as truck rental and transport companies) are still in operation. In other words, our moving helpers can still legally work and provide for their families.

As families are looking for a cut cost on necessities, some of those families are looking for a low-cost moving solution. Sure, they can rent a truck, but many cannot load them alone. Since we are true to our mission of reducing the cost of moving, we work with a lot of experienced moving helpers who give us their rock-bottom prices. We connect clients with reliable, experienced movers to load & unload their rental truck at highly competitive prices.

Call to Action

Help us provide these hard workers with work by simply sharing our website on social media. Together we can help, all it takes is one simple share on a social media platform. This gesture can help put food on someones table, this simple act can give someone needing help a better way.

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