Hire Helpers to Load Your Rental Truck

Moving? Hire helpers online to meet you at your location to take of of the heavy lifting and labor services for moving. Rent a truck, local helpers do the rest.

Moving Labor Services

Rent a truck and hire moving helpers to meet you at your location to wrap your furniture, load and unload your things for you and enjoy a faster, easier and cost-efficient move.

While a lot of things are uncertain, American's are certain that renting a truck and moving themselves is cheaper than moving the traditional way. No matter the rental truck company you choose, you can hire a helper for moving online at

Trustworthy, Smart Moves

Moving companies and local moving helpers sign up for our moving labor program and we hand-select teams who have over 2 years of experience and meet other requirements that we have in place, such as communication and other customer-service oriented skills.

We are selective about our moving labor company lists. We do not just accept moving helpers because they sign up and are interesting in providing services through our site.

Looking for reliability? Need a for sure thing? Let us connect you with moving helpers near you and pay after the services are rendered. Why pay for a service you haven't recieved yet? Just one more way we are different - no trust issue with our providers.


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Moving Coordinator

I started off as a moving helper for a popular truck rental company and eventually created a network of moving helpers of my own.

We now have members in 3 countries.

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