How Much is Moving Labor in Austin, TX?

If you are moving in Austin, TX, one of the most economical ways to move is by renting a truck and doing it yourself. You can save money on your rental truck by using a promo code - see here.

Moving in Austin, TX

After you have rented a truck, now comes the fun part: packing and loading. Although packing can take weeks, or just days in some cases, loading and unloading are usually done within a matter of hours. Here's where you hire a helper or two for moving labor help.

Moving Labor Services are whenever a mover comes to your location to help you with your move. You provide the truck and supplies, the movers help you with furniture-wrapping, loading and unloading your rental truck.

Hire a Helper in Austin, TX

Hiring moving labor help in Austin, TX is as easy as going online, comparing rates, reading reviews and hiring moving help online. We make it easier for clients to hire a helper by sending them a quote in writing (email), and allowing them to place a small deposit online and pay the rest on location.

Moving Labor Rates

2 Movers 2 Hours for $100 Total

2 Movers 3 Hours for $140 Total

2 Movers 4 Hours for $180 Total

2 Movers 5 Hours for $220 Total

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