How to Promote Your Moving Labor Services and Get More Work!

With the rise in numbers of local moving labor helpers available, moving labor companies are looking for cost-effective ways to get their name out there. Here are a few simple things you can do online to help your company today!

How to Promote Your Moving Labor Services Online

If you do not have a Facebook business page, it would be a great idea to make one. It's free, and most people tend to turn to Facebook to see if the business has a page. Why? Well, they want to see how long you have been around, for the most part.

A majority of the client's we deal with prefer to reserve with a "for sure thing". And since the moving industry and movers tend to have a bad habit of "no call, no show", potential clients want to see something that show a track record over a period of time.

Having a page that shows you have been around for a couple of years tends to address that issue - especially if you have positive reviews. But, wait - there's more!

There are plenty of horror stories online of clients hiring cheap labor from Craigs----, or a Facebook group. They were hooked with prices that were too good to be true. Later the good deal costed them a lot more. In some cases, everything they owned since the movers loaded the clients rental truck, offered to drive it, and drove off with the clients things.

Yes, that happens more than the average person cares to imagine.

Face It & Invest in Your Brand

Having a website, again, one that has been up for years, let's the potential client know they are dealing with a person or crew who are committed and plan on being around for some time - are you serious enough to buy a website at least?

It really helps out a lot if you have a website & domain name for your company. Some people are willing to hire a crew with nothing anywhere, but for the most part, clients want to know they are dealing with a legitimate crew and not some "fly-by-night" operation.

People tend to avoid things that show signs of being a "fly by night" operations. You can get a great website with a booking system and all here.

Get Firmly Established

Sign up with marketplaces like HireAHelper LLC and Uhaul's moving labor marketplace and establish yourself. This will help you get direct jobs later - especially if you save your clients information and follow up with them.

You will discover a good portion of DIY moves are from people who move yearly. Repeat customers help you in more ways than you can imagine. A lot of our referrals come from repeat customers recommending us.

Network & Provide Value

Are you a part of a Facebook group or online community that's all about moving? If not, join one. Be an active memeber who contributes more than just advertising their services.

Yes, join Facebook buy & sell groups in your area, but also be a good, decent, active member. Give tips, recommendations, make positive comments on other people's work.

You will be surprised how many people see you and feel your positive vibe. They will remember you - and recommend you. Businesses that network together tend to grow together.

Jump start your business by joining the fastest growing moving labor group on Facebook: Moving Helpers Near Me.

Be sure to share the info with a friend.

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