How to Use Your Moving Profile and Facebook for More Work!

We spoke with a few of our top performing moving helpers to get an idea of why some movers get multiple bookings a day while some barely get moving. Here's what we found!


The reason some moving helpers do better than other is: Facebook. Although we do what we can to generate traffic to our website, moving helpers who draw attention to their profile direclty tend to get a lot more bookings.

It's free, take only 2-3 minutes a day - and the payoff is daily cash in hand.

Want to learn more? Keep reading!


"My moving help account with Uhaul got deactivated and I needed to find a way to make more money" said Mark C of Austin Moving & Labor. "So I just started posting on Facebook groups every day. Then I noticed I started to get bookings without having to talk to anyone on the phone."

We worked with Mark on a project to see if we could help him boost his sales. In less than a month, we started to see big results. It was simple. We made a few visual ads that matched the site in color, made a custom short-link to his profile on Moving Help Center and then made a coupon code that would allow him to give his customers $10 OFF.


"I posted my services on groups with the image you gave me. People would ask me a few questions on messenger to make sure they understood what I do. I told them that I do not provide the truck - just labor. They really liked the idea. Then I would give them the coupon code and the link to my profile. Within 20-30 minutes, I would get an email telling me I got a new booking. My girl would also do postings for me through her profile. I got busy quick."

It's not hard for moving helpers to get more work. Also, having a company website is not needed nowadays. What's the point of dominating Google when a lot of people search on local Facebook groups as well? We turned to our analytics to see where a lot of our traffic was coming from - the numbers are almost neck & neck.


We did look at the number of hits coming in from Austin, as well as the amount of bookings for that particular provider. Numbers do not lie. As he started becoming more active on Facebook, his bookings had a sharp upward spike. It recently slowed downed, but that was mainly due to the holidays.

So, can you get quality traffic from Facebook for your business? I have to say yes.

Do you need to have a high-dollar website and dominate on Google? Although it might help, we can not say its incredibly necessary nowadays. Most of the providers listed on our site do not have a business website and they still do very well for themselves.


If you are an experienced moving helpers with an active HireAHelper or moving help account, you can get a free profile on Moving Help Center. You have to have a good rating and at least 2 years of experience. Without a track record from a 3rd party website, you will not qualify for a profile on

After you have a profile on Moving Help Center, ask us to help you with your social media marketing. We will gladly make a visual ad to help supplment your sales postings on local Facebook groups, and we will make a short-link that goes directly to your moving profile page. We will also set up a coupon code for you to give to your clients to help sweeten the deal - simply reach out to us and we will help you build your business.

Like Mark mentioned, consistency pays off. Him and his girlfriend post and renew postings daily on Facebook groups. It doesn't cost them anything but a few minutes of their day.

Post regularly, get cash daily.


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