Learn About Firefighters Who Provide Moving Labor Help in Columbus, OH

We work with a lot of different companies - some of the companies are formed from hearts who are committed to serving their community. From college kids to policemen working part-time to supplement their income, and even local firefighters who raise money for their department. The able-bodied, professionals with experience we work with don't always come from local moving companies.

"Rome, we have lots of free-time in our department - which is a good thing. But we got to move around, its just what we do" said Jonathan Cabus, a very abled-body firefighter who started his own moving labor company in Columbus, OH to help them stay in shape, get closer to the community and earn revenue for their department.

"We sacrifice ourselves for the community by putting out dangerous fires - moving is another way we help people in our town - its less dramatic" said the 10 year veteran fire-fighter/mover.


Moving in Columbus, OH is easy with the right help, its even down-right awesome whenever you have real-life American heros in your house working right beside you. Moving labor help in Columbus, OH from guys who basically just work out all day and wait for their phone to ring and call them to action is exactly what we are hinting at here.

Same-day services are available; however, upon phone approval. Call us and see if we have a team of firefighters ready to be dispatched to your place to help you wrap your furniture, load/unload your rental truck, portable storage container, Relocube, wooden box on wheels or whatever you need to load your stuff in - even to just move furniture within your own home.


Let us know when & where you need a team and we will see if there is a squad available. If there is, simply fill out our reservation form, place a deposit (ranges from $20-$60) and the team will meet you at your location to provide moving labor help. You pay them on location after the job is complete.

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