Looking for a Convenient, Reliable Way to Move? Try U-Pack ReloCube®

Lightweight Portable Storage Container

If you are thinking of trying something different for your next move, try U-Pack ReloCube® for your long-distance relocation. Relocubes are small metal, weatherproof containers that are the perfect size for moving furniture and boxes. Lighter container, less gas, less cost.

If you are moving a bedroom or a whole house, moving with a portable storage container is an easier, safer way to move your things from point a to point b. The trucking company drops the container off at your location, you load your things, they pick up ip a few days later and drive it to the new place for you.

No driving a moving truck on the highway risking your life, your things and the well-being of others. Smart, responsible & safe customer meet a smart, responsible & safe company.

Click here for U-Pack ReloCube

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Moving Coordinator

I started off as a moving helper for a popular truck rental company and eventually created a network of moving helpers of my own.

We now have members in 3 countries.

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