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The Greatest Show on Earth

“Let Dairy Die” a protester runs on stage at Joe Biden as he was delivering his victory speech in the 'City of Angels'. The vegan that charged at Joe Biden was no angel, and Jill Biden slide in with an angle the young protester did not see coming.

In a split-second decision, Jill Biden protects her husband from two vegans as they behaved savagely and lunged towards her living bag of meat. The story is going viral on Twitter as the world watches (and laughs) as two diary protesters (females) get tossed aside by the Joe''s wife, Jill.

“We’re okay,” Jill Biden said after the protesters were removed from the event. “We’re okay.”

Light, Cameras and The City of Angles

As many have predicted, the presidential election is definetely going to be an entertaining show. With over a billion dollars invested into digital marketing, twist, turns, plots and spectacular tackles are expected as the world tunes in for the spectacle.

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The protesters were from the animal rights network Direct Action Everywhere. They were waving signs that said “LET DAIRY DIE.” The organization openly and proudly took credit for the disruption in a press release on Tuesday night. The activists were identified as Sarah Segal and Ashley Froud.

Play Ball

Twitter users are comparing Jill Biden to a linebacker, and saying how they would love to for her to become the first lady of United States. The show became one of the most discussed moments of a Super Tuesday and reshaped the former vice president’s chances against Sen. Bernie Sanders in a matter of hours.

What do you think will happen next on the greatest show on Earth?

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