Mexican Government Cut Funding Leaving Thousands of Childrens' Day Care Without Assistance

On April 27, 2019, we held an event for a day care in Santa Catarina, Nuevo Leon, a city that is a part of Monterrey, NL (Mexico). This was our second visit to this day care, the kids and the schools mission captured our hearts - we had to go see them again.

We were there to host a Kid's Day Festival (Dia del Nino / Childrens Day) and to drop off donations picked up by member's of Luz y Progreso #63, a Freemason Lodge in San Nicolas, Nuevo Leon.

From clothes for the mothers, school supplies, baby stuff and things for kids in general, along with a generous monetary donation, were collected by the Freemasons in San Nicolas, NL.

At this point, we were unaware of their financial situation. Our interest was in their mission: to help abused & abandoned mothers and their children. We had no clue what was about to be imparted to us.

From Light to Darkness

The festival began, the sounds of joy filled the school. The director called me into her office.

On one side of the door, happiness and sounds of care-free kids enjoying the moment with their mothers and the attention of these strangers who they have met before; however, on the other side of the door, a somber silence and an air thick with concern.

"We really appreciate you guys and all you have done for us and the kids. You guys are angels in disguise" the director started. After the light of warm pleasantries, the conversation changed like seasons, summer to fall, things got cold quick. No fancy pitch, straight to the point.

She informed us that since the new president took office in Mexico, they have been worried. And finally their fears were justified, what they were worried about was now in front of them in black & white: On January 2020, the school will no longer recieve assistance due to the new governments decision to cut programs.

Although they have some assistance from other sources, the government was one of their main sources of steady financial assistance. $30,000 Mexican Pesos a month is what they were recieving - that's equal to about $1600 United States Dollars - a drop in the bucket for some of us living in US.

These funds were used for paying teachers, medical, food, bills etc. With a small staff and professionals providing their services at a reduced price for the organization, the school depends of help from outside source. Not just financial assistance, they also have volunteers to come to help with everything from cleaning to general repairs and assisting the teachers with entertaining the children.

Its only been two days since I left CAYAM, my mind has been grinding hard trying to find solutions that can assist them. Long-term or short-term assistance, my heart stays crying out to my mind pleading that we help. Like a faithful husband listening to the supplications of his beloved wife, I could not ignore what my heart was telling me.

Honestly, I have no clue on what to do next. I just know there are people: mother's who escaped from abusive husbands, good kids, beautiful babies, all really needing our help. $1600 a month is my goal.

To The Great Ones

Can you help? Do you have any idea of how I can create a network of angels to help lift this day care from the pit it's falling in? Imagine how far just $2-$5 from everyone who reads this would go? That's less than a trip to Starbucks...#MAGA

Want to help? Awesome! Click the button below, select the amount you wish to give and stay tuned. I update my personal Facebook page on a regular basis. Add me.

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