Movers + Truck Deal: 2 Movers 2 Hours for $130 - Bonded & Insured

One of the hottest deals available for moving services with two movers plus a truck can be found on Groupon. The deal is for Bellhops Moving: Reliable, Affordable and Tech-Savvy Start-up company.

Bellhops was mentioned on Forbes and other publications & news outlets.

Bellhops on Groupon

$200 Worth of Moving Services with Truck for $130, Includes:
  • Labor

  • Standard equipment such as dollies and moving blankets

  • A box truck with a professional driver

  • Fuel and mileage

Additional packing supplies such as plastic wrap, furniture pads, bubble wrap, boxes, mattress bags, ​and ​hardwood-floor coverings must be supplied by the customer.

Bellhops covers most major cities nationwide, and they also provide nationwide moving services, not just local. Buy a Groupon and take advantage of one of the hottest deals available.

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