Moving from Colorado on a Budget

by Sofia Perry (AZ Moving Pros)

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It’s no wonder why some people are terrified of the moving process – it can get a lot more expensive than you imagine. The lack of experience and not being careful enough can lead to a long list of moving costs and unpleasant surprises. Even though your budget may be limited, there are ways to relocate to a new home without breaking the bank. This guide is dedicated to moving from Colorado on a budget. It’s the ultimate list of tasks you need to do to make your move cost-effective and stress-free.

Take control

One of the main reasons people pay too much for their move is that they simply lose control of their budget. They underestimate the power of planning and organization and fall into the common financial traps the moving process sets. To avoid this and spend only the necessary amount of cash, carefully plan the budget for your upcoming move. Write down all the costs and things you need to do, for example, finding the right movers, obtaining packing supplies, etc. It will help you estimate how much money you need for this adventure. This way, you will know how much you will have to prepare and which moving tasks will allow you to save a bit of money.

Save with a trusted mover.

When scheduling your moving date, the moving company you hire can help a lot with financial preparations. To get a free estimate, you should contact several moving companies to compare the prices. These companies, included, calculate the price based on the moving distance and the size of your household, so you can know what to expect when the moving day comes. Furthermore, a professional moving company will not surprise you with hidden fees and common unpleasant moving scenarios. That’s why hiring a trusted moving professional is more important than looking for the cheapest (and often the riskiest) option there is.


The fewer items you pack in the moving boxes, the cheaper your move will be. Even though you can't get rid of everything, there are undoubtedly some items you no longer need or use. Damaged, outdated, overgrown, and other rarely used belongings should find another home. If you don’t recycle them, try selling them online – it’s a fast and efficient way to make more money. And if you have many of these, maybe organizing a garage sale is also a great idea. Either way, decluttering your home will decrease your moving costs and save you both time and money during the packing process. It's sometimes smart to sell heavy and bulky items, minimize moving expenses, and repurchase the items after you move.

Spend a minimum amount on packing supplies

Depending on your household size, packing supplies can be a considerable share of the moving budget. That’s why getting some free supplies is one of the essential steps of moving on a budget. Here are some tips on spending less on packing supplies:

  • borrow moving supplies from your friends and relatives – if there’s somebody around you who recently moved, ask them if there are some leftover boxes you can borrow.

  • find free supplies – some liquor stores or similar places will be more than happy to give out great cardboard boxes you can use for packing.

  • use the items you already have in your household - everything can be a moving container, your gym bags, suitcases, tote bags, garbage bags, etc. However, for moving long-distance, make sure you pick safe, sturdy moving boxes that can protect your belongings during long travels.

  • estimate the amount of packing supplies you need – while decluttering your home and planning the move, try to estimate the amount of packing supplies you’ll need. This way, you won’t spend more money than necessary and have enough supplies to pack everything safely.

Save money on every type of relocation.

Each relocation is unique, and the budget depends on the size of your household and the distance you are traveling to the new home. Depending on the type of your move, there are different ways you can move from Colorado on a budget.

Interstate moves

When it comes to moving to another state, the budget can vary depending on the distance. Probably the best way to approach it is to handle packing on your own, but hire professionals to handle the transportation. As interstate moves usually include long drives and other challenges, it’s safer to leave it to the pros and avoid renting a truck and driving on your own. This minimizes the risk of damage or losing the items, increasing the costs even more.

Remember: If you decide to rent a truck and drive on your own, it’s advisable to get some moving services. For example, make sure you have some moving help with loading and avoid moving injuries caused by heavy lifting. Specialized teams will do this for you and make this relocation much safer and more comfortable.

Long-distance moves

As these are the longest travels, they usually cost the most. Moving to another country is exciting, but also expensive and stressful. To move on a budget, you'll need detailed planning and careful comparison of international moving companies. Another way you can save is picking a less-popular moving season when you can enjoy lower fees. And finally, we remind you that decluttering and getting rid of your items is probably the best way to reduce the moving cost to the minimum, especially with long-distance moves.

Additional ways to pay less for the move

As you’re moving from Colorado on a budget, you need to get more creative to reduce the moving expenses. If you’re moving for work, check with your employer if there are any costs that they can take care of, so you can write them off from your budget plan. Also, if some of your friends owe you a favor – it's probably the best time to ask them to help you out. They can assist with packing or taking care of your pet or kids while you deal with the important moving tasks. This way, you can have more time to DIY some parts of the moving process and save more money.

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