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Every company goes through phases, as does every person from birth to death - from the cradle to the grave. With a new head in position and a new aim insight, Moving Help Center is making sweeping changes within its system.

"We are cutting through alot of the excess with the hopes of making the process easier and safer for all parties involved" said Rome C. Dias, moving coordinator at

We have been working closely with programmers and online creators to simplify an already simple online booking system. This new system is so flexible it can be used at a global level since its a multilingual platform. Push a few buttons and the client is done reserving movers, and the team is duly informed of a new order instantly. Book online & pay on location - the people's choice when it comes to hiring movers.

Without revealing too much, Rome, the head of the moving labor program, plans on lauching what he calls "The New Way" in February 2020.

With Moving Help Center, clients will be able to hire a helper at their actual price, not one listed with brokers fees and bottomline attached. Providers will be able to target the demographics their prices are designed to appeal to without worrying about a moving broker adding their tax & fee.

Needless to say, competitors have already started to criticize the system believing that it will reduce the cost of hiring moving labor services online.

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