Moving Help Center to Cut Movers & Cities from it's 'Moving Labor Program'

This morning Moving Help Center's CEO, Rome C. Dias, announced his plan to dramatically reduce the size of Moving Help Center's outfit in order to better manage and facilitate moves in a few select cities. "Its not a reflection of the quality of service of our providers throughout US & Canada, nor is it meant as a statement of our inability to handle the high-volume of request & orders we get. We hold an A+ Rating on BBB for a reason."" remarked Rome when asked about the decision to release moving help providers and cut cities from its 'Moving Labor Program'.

"Our company has made the decision to focus on a smaller number of areas because of the increasing need for moving labor services in other areas, mixed with the high volume of request from provider wanting to enter our program and compete for work in those areas." Mr. Dias replied, treading carefully as he responded, concealing a secret.

Rome C Dias started as one of Houston's original moving helpers for a major truck rental company partner company when they first started their program in 2001.

17 Years in the moving business, as a mover, coordinator, trainer & recruiter, his insights - as well as his contacts - are an invaluble asset to the company.

As the newly raised CEO, he plans on taking the company through dramatic changes in hopes of finding a more effective and efficient way of conducting business in the moving labor help market.

"Just like a gardener prunes the bush he wishes to thicken, a CEO does the same thing to his company at a certain point in its growth in order for it to flourish & thicken." said Rome.

With contacts in North & South and Central America, Moving Help Center looks East towards the rising sun with a brilliant shine in its hopeful eyes. With the ability to accomodate customer's in more than 4 languages, is it possible Moving Help Center plans on stepping its game up to a New Level?

Is Moving Help Center considering to become a global force to be reckoned with?

"In the begining we had one image: the image of good men doing honest, hard, work and providing a service to those who need it at a reasonable rate. Nothing genius or complex behind it, simplicity is the genius and cornerstone of this operation. My job is to coagulate the goodness, ensure its quality, and distribute it as far as I can reach. Precision is the key though. I will not write over our original purpose or image." Mr. Dias said before he shook hands and took off, something he is known for doing when questioned about his business.

Moving Help Center started its Moving Labor Program in 2010. With a rapid expansion in its first 3 years, the private held company has a history of setting up restrictions and high requirements for those wishing to join its program. But this will be the first time the head decided to cut heads off without being provoked by customer complaints or because of a failure to comply or meet our standards of communication & quality of service.

With 1000's of new moving helpers signing up monthly to moving labor brokers and moving help companies, Moving Help Center rejects new companies and only considers moving companies who have at least 3 years of service under their belt and positive reviews from reliable 3rd parties sites like Hire a Helper LLC.

We do not look for people who want to work - a lot of people want to work - we look for those with a proven track-record of being a hard-worker with an attitude to help customer's spirits during a stressful time: moving. We do not allow new companies to enroll into our program due to the uncertainties of their skills or virtues - and because we want what's best for our clients.

Moving Help Center - Hire The Best, Give The Best, Be The Best!

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Moving Coordinator

I started off as a moving helper for a popular truck rental company and eventually created a network of moving helpers of my own.

We now have members in 3 countries.

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