Moving Helpers Get Paid For Referrals - See Here!

Are you a moving helper? Capitalize on your position by referring your clients to other moving helpers who can help them on the other end. You get $5 per referral and your client gets $5 off at booking.

moving helper affiliate program
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Moving Helpers Earn Commission

How many times have you knocked a job out and the customer asked you if you knew a team who could help them unload? If you did a good job, odds are you get this asked a couple of times a day. If you are a company who manages several teams, that number can multiply, especially if you follow up with a phone call after every job.

Now, we are allowing moving helpers to earn commission on successful referrals. Not only that, you client will get $5 off with your special promo code.

How it works?

Let us know you want to enroll in our affiliate program, we make a special promo code for you. Everytime that promo code is used, we know the referral came from you. After the job is complete, we then send your commission via PayPal.

Plain, simple & easy way to earn a little more.

Interested in earning money for referrals? Email for details today!

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Moving Coordinator

I started off as a moving helper for a popular truck rental company and eventually created a network of moving helpers of my own.

We now have members in 3 countries.

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