Moving NYC in The Cold: Deliverance Movers - Available!

Are you moving in NYC this winter? Don't worry, we got you covered. We make moving in New York, NY easier by connecting clients with experienced teams to meet the clients at their location to load/unload the clients rental truck. Rent a truck and hire moving helpers in New York and save between 30%-60% on relocation cost.

Moving Helpers in NYC

Deliverance Movers has been providing moving labor services in NYC for over 10 years. "Rain, sleet, or snow - it doesn't matter. We make moves regardless of the weather" said Brett Johnson, entrepenuer and NYC mover. The motivated mover added "we are lit from within. We stay warm and smiling"

From hiring moving helpers to carrying their shopping bags and boxes, to hiring movers to carry furniture up & down flights of stairs , Deliverance Movers has teams to match the clients needs.

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