My Master Movers in Myrtle Beach, SC - BLACKLISTED!

Today we recieved a report from a client who made a reservation with a team on our list . They reserved My Master Movers in Myrtle Beach, SC over a month ago.

On February 14, Anthony Long and Bryan Stevens (owner/operators for My Master Movers) were notified by email of the reservation. They accepted the reservation on the same day as well. We notified the client that the local moving labor company accepted the reservation, and we sent a copy of the work order and the locked-in labor rate.

This is our normal protocol. We have not changed our way of communication. We call the local teams as well, but we request that all acceptance are done vie email for our records.

Movers Blacklisted

On moving day, client contacted us and notified us that the My Master Movers did not show up as scheduled. Client stated "I also called Master Movers who did not know about any appointment and told me they haven’t dealt with you for a long time". We sent the email records to the client. We also called a back-up team to see if they could unload her portable storage container since the other team failed to perform and fullfill the order they accepted.

Unfortunately, this situation does happen with moving labor companies more commonly than brokers would like to admit. Most moving helpers are listed on various websites. My Master Movers also goes by the name "Speedy Moving" based out of Conway, SC.

Reponsibility & Integrity

Moving Help Center tried to provide the most accurate information as possible. If we make an over-sight, we do take responsibility and we work towards a resolution. Since this is not the first time they made a similiar mistake, we feel its in our interest to sever our relations with them and to advise others so that they too will not find themselves in the situation our client found herself in today.

Be aware of the following company:

My Master Movers AKA Speedy Moving

Bryan Stephens / Anthony Long


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