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As we move closer towards the new year, we are making changes and commitments at Moving Help Center. Opening up our limits by allowing members from all states & cities in Continental US to list their services & prices, we are also expanding our booking platform to include quotes for movers and truck.

Nationwide Moving Labor - Moving Forward With The New Year!

"It's a good system, and there's no reason to not let it expand to areas we currently do not provide services in" said CEO Rome C. Dias about the 'Moving Labor Program'.

The 'Moving Labor Program' lets local moving companies list their rates and coverage area for "labor only" moves, where the customer provides a truck (any of your local truck rentals) and the company meets the customer on location to load and/or unload their stuff for them.

After a company gets reviewed and listed, customer's needing help moving can then book their services online with a deposit and pay the rest after the move is complete.

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