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Moving has a lot of individual tasks involved, one of the most time consuming is packing & unpacking. Save yourself the hassle by hiring a pro who does it fast & often.

Packing / Unpacking Services by Task Rabbits

Whether you need packing help for a mansion, or unpacking help into your college-dorm, you can hire helpers online at

Simply fill out their form online to let them know what you need, where you need it and when you want it done and then you can compare rates and read real customer reviews for Task Rabbits in your area.

Moving? Help is Easy to Find

You can also find loading help for your furniture, experienced person(s) with the right tools to properly hand your paintings/pictures, mount your TV, or even do minor repair work on the home you are moving out of or the one you are moving into at the Task Rabbit website.

Click here to see the list of services available at

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