New Moving Helper Website Kills Labor Brokers - Only $10

A new moving helper website takes the moving industry by surprise by letting clients connect directly with the local movers without the need for a moving labor broker. The moving labor companies list their true rates, along with their coverage area and availability, and clients can book them online with only $10 down (limited areas)

Created by professional web designers using the Wix platform and booking system, the system is a safe & secure way to connect with local hands. The moving helpers are screened and interviewed by the creator of the moving labor program at MovingHelpCenter.

"Its a great system. It keeps the original intention in mind: connecting people who need help moving with those that can help them. It also addresses a problem we have seen rising with the online brokers" said Rome C. Dias, the creator of MovingHelpCenter's 'Moving Labor Program' and former Uhaul moving helper. "While brokers are driving the cost up, this system rapidly cuts it down".

Since clients are connecting directly with the local moving helpers without having to go through a moving broker or 3rd party company, the client pays the actual rate the movers charge for their labor - cutting the cost down to an "amazing deal".

Hire a Helper Directly

The moving helpers are also happy because they are able to draw in more clients without having to pay a high percentage to a 3rd party for connecting them. It's a win/win situation.

Clients can get two moving helpers for two hours of moving services for only $100. Booking a team online with only 10% down ($10), the client pays the remaining balance to the team on location. Square and fair deal!

Hire a helper online the smart, easy and cost effective way at

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