Police Shoot at Feminists Protesters in Cancún, Mexico

by Rome C. Dias

Photo by Ricardo Arce

Shots Fired in Paradise

A few hours ago, Twitter users were outraged when a journalist uploaded videos of police opening fire on feminist who were protesting. One reporter confirmed injured, as trouble erupts in paradise.

"Hi Rome, it's been awhile since we last spoke" I got a call earlier from a journalist with The Mazatlan Post. "Let me tell you, there are things going on that they prefer us not write or talk about" Alphonso, the journalist, eager to practice his English with native-English speaker tells me over the phone.

Playa del Crimen

Cancun down to Tulum, the area known as the Riviera Maya, has been overan by corruption and organized crime - according to the writer of The Mazatlan Post. Unfortunately, most of them are being "discouraged" from running stories on their local media outlets.

Our conversation was brief. He was doing a quick piece on me because he heard an American expat was changing the moving industry in Monterrey and he wanted to interview me about my efforts. We somehow got into a discussion of politics, organized crime and Riviera Maya.

I had no comment or opinion on that matter.

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