Portable Storage Moving is The New Way to Go!

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Portable storage moving is a new & efficient way of moving. It involves using a portable storage container (or shipping container) to load your stuff into and a trucking company to transport it to your new destination.

Moving with a portable storage container is recomended for long distance relocations since the containers are durable and can easily withstand the journey, and because the portable storage container can also be used as an onsite storage - which is always a good thing in the event unloading doesn't go as scheduled for whatever reason, or if you just want to store your things onsite until your new house is ready to be moved in.

Why consider Portable Storage Moving?

Portable storage moving makes moving easier and more cost efficient. Renting a moving container is not expensive, and it can be parked outside your home until you are ready for it to be taken away. This gives you enough time to load & secure your things in preparation for a cross-country ,or state-to-state move, and enough time for you to unload it at your own pace whenever it arrives at it's destination.

Rent a moving truck and do the same, you will have to pay a fee for the extra day(s) the truck would sit outside your house. Why rush yourself?

Also, a rental truck is easy to damage and the cost of repairs are transferred to the person who rented it. It's very hard (and risky) to caculate the unknown into your budget, especially if the unknown rest on the hands of an employee who didn't properly log or see something beforehand. Typical in rental claim cases.

Why make it harder on yourself? Moving with a portable storage is easier and more efficient: someone drops a metal box off at your place, you load it on your own time, someone else picks it up and does the driving & logistics.

No gas & snack cost to figure, no unknowns to factor into the bill - no BIG SURPRISE at the end.

A shipping container used as a portable storage vessel

Portable Storage Containers

Portable storage containers are sturdy and will keep whatever is stored in them safe. Since some companies buy & repurpose industrial-grade shipping containers into portable storage containers designed for moving & storage on land instead of sea, you can imagine the durable, yet heavy, metal involved.

A heavy, metal container sounds like a safe option, but its not the most cost efficient (or necessary) method for transporting household goods on dry grounds.

Relocubes fit in a parking spot.

Portable Storage Containers VS Relocubes

Durable, light-weight and built with portable storage moving on land in mind, The Relocube has rapidly become known in United States. Because it is light-weight, its cheaper to transport - especially good whenever the trailer holds 4-6 Relocubes. It all adds up. Surprise yourself with the cost of one (here)

Portable storage moving has become popular over the last decade. With dozens of portable storage companies starting up every year, its safe to assume portable storage moving is rapidly becoming the new & preferred way to move long distance in US or Canada.

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DIY Moving with Experienced Hands

Now you can hire experienced hands from moving labor companies online. We will connect you with experienced movers to load/unload your portable storage container.

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