Purse Lost Behind Locker in 1950's Becomes Time Capsule - See Inside!

Going Back in Time

"Some of you may remember the purse that was discovered at North Canton Middle School last spring" posted North Canton City Schools on their Facebook page, referring to a dirty, faded red purse from the 1950s that was found stuck behind a school locker more than 60 years after it was lost.

The purse was found by a janitor who was cleaning and reparing the lockers at the North Canton Middle School, which was once a high school. Communications Director Polly Doyle said the janitor found the purse “wedged” behind a piece of metal that detached from a school locker.

Stylish Time Capsule

The contents revealed that the purse belonged to Patti Rumfola, a teen who lost her purse in 1957 while attending Hoover High School.

Online records reveal that Patricia (Rumfola) Michele passed away in 2013 at the age of 71 in her hometown of DuBois, Pa. According to an obituary, she became a teacher in Maryland and retired “after many years of service.” She was survived by 5 children. all of whom live in Maryland.

After notifying the children of the deceased, the school district shared photos of the purse’s contents, which included photos, schedules and wheat pennies that all five children kept as a token of remembrance of their mom.

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