Shipping a Motorcycle in a Portable Storage Container

Motorcycle Shipping in a Portable Storage Container

Moving a motorcycle? Make your move safe & easy by letting a reputable and experienced trucking company take care of the transport, try a U-Pack ReloCube®

Relocubes are small metal, weatherproof containers that are the perfect size for shipping a motorcycle or two. Lighter than a shipping container, less gas & less cost.

The trucking company drops the container off at your location, you load your motorcycle, they pick up the ReloCube a few days later and drive it to the new place for you.

U-Pack is a great option for moving a motorcycle transport. Although they are known for transporting standard household goods, ReloCubes are set up for easy motorcycle shipping.

Moving a Motorcycle with U-Pack ReloCube:

  • Easy loading. The U-Pack moving trailer comes with a 2’ wide ramp, so it’s easy to get the bike inside. The ReloCube sits at ground level for easy loading.

  • Tie-down points. ReloCubes have tie-down points so you can secure the bike well.

  • Fast transit times. Most moves take just 2-5 business days, even for cross country motorcycle shipping.

  • Flexible space. More than one option available for motorcycle-only shipment,either one ReloCube or five linear feet in a moving trailer is recommended.

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