Shoulder Dollies: The Preferred Choice

Move Faster, Move Safer, Move Easier

Instead of the traditional two-wheel dolly, a lot of professional grade movers (and business-owners) prefer to use the moving strap system, branded as Shoulder Dollies.

"Its just a lot easier & faster. It makes the stuff feel super light to move. Going up and downstairs is a breeze. This is how my teams knock out 2-3 apartment moves a day like nothing." said Armando of Texas Moving Center. "Its also better than rolling a dolly across, new, hardwood floors in a customers new home."

Moving Helpers in Houston, TX

Horace from Hodges Family Movers in Houston, TX posts pictures on his social media with clients at the end of his moves. He almost always has on a pair of Shoulder Dollies.

See Where to Buy Shoulder Dollies Online

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