Taking a Swing at Hilton Head With a Seasoned Veteran, Andrew Bennett.

An order comes in for a shipper in Hilton Head Island, SC, Andrew Bennett of Asher Moving takes the call. "No problem, we will be there bright and early to get you on the road before noon". Andrew, like Bo, knows his game.

The People's Choice

The seasoned mover has over 30 years of moving under his belt. From moving million-dollar mansions for celebrities, to packing high & tight freight trucks for drivers, Andrew knows his craft - and he does not doubt his skills.

"I pulled up to the spot, the shipper sees me getting my golf clubs and frisbees out the way" Andrew recalls and he tells the story "he thought I forgot why I came". Andrew lets out a little laugh as we he remembers that moving day. "We had a lot of fun".

Andrew and his partner grab their moving gear and go straight to work. Wrapping and loading the clients furniture with ease and in no time, the real challenge hit them when the sun reached it's zenith: golfing. Now, time for some sweating!

"Moving is not hard or time consuming if you have the right partner, the right equipment and of course, the right amount of experience" Andrew drops a gem of wisdom as he finishes his story.

Life is a sport - have a winning attitude!

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