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Not many people have heard of, but they have been around for some time. As an Ebay company, their brand got a boost from a cable TV show called 'Shipping Wars'. The basics: customer buys something on eBay and then hires truckers to pick-up & deliver it (safely & on-time) to their destination. From Hollywood props to ships & boats, Uship providers cover EVERYTHING - including regular household moves.

Whether you are shipping a motorcycle from Los Angeles, or need help moving from Tampa to Denver, CO, you can find (quite often at a great price) a reliable, reputable provider to take care of your shipping needs.

Moving Help & Uship

There are two options for moving with Uship. A lot of clients select the first option (most economical.) Instead of loading/unloading it themselves, the client hires moving helpers to do it for them and they still save on their relocation. Click here for moving labor help.

  • You pack your stuff and load/unload it yourself (Self-Service Moves)

  • You pack and wrap your furniture - they load it into their truck. (Loading Services)

  • Movers pack your stuff & load/unload it for you. (White Glove Services)

So depending on your move-type & budget, you will find several price points on Uship that are compatible with your needs.

See Uship Movers

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