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Moving Help Services on uShip

We connect customers with local moving helpers to wrap, load, transport and unload for the client. Our teams do not pack/unpack, nor do we provide "white glove" services - that's basically where you hire a moving company to come in with boxes & packing supplies, pack your stuff, load, transport, unload, unpack & set your stuff up for you.

With us, customer must have things packed in boxes and ready to go prior to the movers arrival. We do understand that customers may not know how to properly wrap furniture for a move, so we take care of that for them as well - free of charge. We provide moving blankets only - shrink wrap & tape must be provided by the client.( see packing supplies)

Be Prepared: Save Time & Money

The better prepared you are prior to moving day means the faster & easier your move will go. Our uShip quotes for local moves come with an amount of hours set, if your move takes longer than this amount of time, there is an additional hourly charge.

5 Quick Tips:

(1) Have all your boxes packed and placed downstairs in a room by the door the movers will be coming in and out of to load the truck. This cuts down on time by 15-25 minutes in cases where there are 50+ boxes scattered throughout a 3-4 bedroom, two-story house.

(2) Empty things out of furniture drawers (dressers, desk etc). This makes it easier & safer for the movers, and it prevents weight shifting and furniture falling over during transport.

(3) Garage and patio are usually almost always forgotten about by customers on moving day, and patio furniture, bikes, grills take up a lot of space since they cannot be stacked safely on top of your home furniture. Be sure to show the movers your patio and garage in the beginning of your move.

(4) Put away your furry family members, not your brother or uncle, we mean your cat or dog. Although the movers are friendly, not all animals are friendly to non-family members or even happy about strangers entering their house in the midst of chaos and moving things. We want your whole family to have an easy transition.

(5)Ventilation is important - especially when moving on a hot, summer day. Crack windows and, if possible, plug in a fan or two to help keep fresh air blowing through the house. Its little things like this which make a big difference on moving day.

We are excited about helping you move, and we are grateful that you selected us to handle your relocation. We want for the move to go as smooth as possible for both you and the local team. Its not just a move, its an experience during a stressful event: moving. And we want you to have a good experience during this stressful, temporary moment.

Moving Help Center - we got you covered.

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Moving Coordinator

I started off as a moving helper for a popular truck rental company and eventually created a network of moving helpers of my own.

We now have members in 3 countries.

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