Did you find the same mover for less on another website? If you find a provider's hourly rate for less, let us know. The mover will glady match the lowest hourly rate posted.

Here's how it works?

In order to qualify for our Price Match Guarantee, you must

(1) book a company on our site.

(2) Find the same company on one of these websites (see here).

(3) The company's hourly rate must be less on one of the qualifying websites than on our site.

The price matching guarantee is only valid for 48 hours. You must have submitted the claim within 48 hours after you have booked the company through us.


Moving prices change daily and vary from morning to night. The price must be for the same company, for the same day and for the same time of day you sheduled through us. Example, if you booked "company A" for Monday morning, on July 4th, then the price you are submitting must be for the same company, same day and time of day - not for another day or time of day. It must also be for the same services. If you booked for loading help, then the price submitted must also be for loading help.

The price match does not apply to discounts given as a loyalty program, promo code, special discount or flash sale. Also, the price must be higher at the time we check to verify the claim. 

How to submit a claim

(1) Take a screenshot

(2) Copy the url of where you found it

(3) Email the screenshot and url to sales@movinghelpcenter.com


*MOVING HELP CENTER connects clients with local movers to help them with their move. MOVING HELP CENTER does not employ any provider and are not responsible for the conduct of the movers. All information on members profile are generated by the user/movers of this site.


*MOVING HELP CENTER may also participate in third-party affiliate marketing programs that allow MOVING HELP CENTER to earn commissions from companies, brands, products, and/or services on the site.

We strive to keep information on our site accurate and up to date.

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