Service Provider Terms of Service

Effective for new Service Providers immediately and for current Service Providers on November 1, 2021 and superseding all previous versions of the MovingHelpCenter Terms of Service “TOS”.

The following describes the terms on which MovingHelpCenter  offers Service Providers access to our sites, services, applications, and tools. This is a legally binding agreement between Service Provider and MovingHelpCenter . Please read these terms carefully. By using MovingHelpCenter site, you are agreeing to abide by all terms listed.

1. Introduction

Welcome to Moving Help Center “MovingHelpCenter ”. MovingHelpCenter is a neutral marketplace where any person or entity “Users” can obtain information pertaining to labor only companies that aide in loading, unloading, packing and unpacking services (collectively “Labor Services”) by either calling or accessing its website www.MovingHelpCenter .com.  By submitting an application and/or registering an account with MovingHelpCenter, you (“you”, “your”, “Helper” or “Service Provider”) are advertising as an independent company whose information is listed within the MovingHelpCenter marketplace. Users, who elect to choose a specific Service Provider listed within the MovingHelpCenter  marketplace, and pay for these services are customers “Customers”.

As a Service Provider you accept and agrees to abide by these Terms of Services “TOS” by registering a MovingHelpCenter account; accessing or using MovingHelpCenter 's sites, services, applications, and tools, collectively “Services” or as otherwise indicated on a specific site, service, application, or tool. This TOS is effective upon acceptance for new Service Providers.


For current Service Providers, this TOS is effective November 1, 2021 and supersedes all previous versions of the MovingHelpCenter TOS. Please note that though the TOS is always subject to change, it will always contain the following basic principles. If a user disagrees with the following TOS, discontinue using MovingHelpCenter's services immediately.


MovingHelpCenter is only available to individuals who are at least 18 years old, whether acting on their own behalf or as an authorized employee or representative of a corporation or other business entity. If you do not qualify, do not attempt to register for or use any services offered by MovingHelpCenter.


In addition, MovingHelpCenter  may refuse to offer its Services to any person or entity and may change its eligibility criteria, at any time, in its sole discretion. This includes MovingHelpCenter ’s ability to delete a Service Provider account for any reason that it feels is necessary.


2. Modifications to this Agreement

MovingHelpCenter reserves the right to update, change, and modify these terms at any time. Modified terms will be made effective as soon as they are posted. Service Providers are welcome to check this document regularly.

3. Registration

MovingHelpCenter, at its sole discretion may or may not approve an account to become a Service Provider. When an account has been approved the Service Provider will be notified via electronic mail of the status of such application. Once an account has been approved, the Service Provider will have an opportunity to update all pertinent information; including but not limited to business information, prices, and availability etc. Should the account be approved but the Service Provider violates this TOS, MovingHelpCenter shall reserve all rights to deactivate the account.


Service Providers may also choose to deactivate their account on MovingHelpCenter by emailing


4. Content

As a Service Provider you may submit information relating to your business on MovingHelpCenter . Additionally, you may submit pictures affiliated with your business on MovingHelpCenter.


By agreeing to the terms herein, you grant MovingHelpCenter all rights to share and post this information, documents and/or pictures on its site and with any User, Customers, partners, social media and/or affiliates of MovingHelpCenter.

MovingHelpCenter does not screen or support any information published by its Service Providers. However, MovingHelpCenter does reserve the right to delete any information, links, or content that it feel violates this TOS, or takes advantage MovingHelpCenter Users, customers, affiliates, and/or partners. MovingHelpCenter is also not responsible for the content of third party services listed, since third party websites and services do not operate under its TOS. Service Provider are hereby agrees that MovingHelpCenter is not responsible for any loss or damage you may receive from any information posted or promised by, and any content/communication created by any Service Providers, Users, Customers, affiliates and/or partners of MovingHelpCenter. Service Provider also agrees that MovingHelpCenter is not responsible for any damage or loss incurred through third party websites or services.

5. Orders

Upon selecting a Service Provider, a Customer enters the date, time and description of their move. An Order may go longer or shorter than the specifications listed. Once an Order has been placed, the Service Provider will receive notification of the Order via electronic mail and phone cll to the phone number listed in your account. A Service Provider has 24 hours to accept or reject such Order, if they do not reply within the 24 hours they will receive another email notification and a 24 hour grace period to respond to the Order. 


If you ignore and/or fail to respond to Order requests, your account may be deactivated and the Order will be re-routed to a different Service Provider in the area.


More info on the Service Provider and Customer cancellation policy can be found here:

Upon accepting an order, the Service Providers agrees to accommodate all services requested; date of service, time of arrival, amount of helpers, amount of hours, the specified labor listed in the order description from the customer. Failing to accommodate all services requested may result in account deactivation and other recourses.

6. Availability

Service Providers shall regularly update their availability. Though You may change your availability at any time, Service Provider agrees to be available for Labor Services during the time listed on the Availability page. Preferences for next or same day Order must also be listed in your account. Failure to consistently not be available for Labor Services or completion of Orders may result in the deactivation of your account.


7. Rates, Payment and Fees

Rates Each Service Provider shall enter all information pertinent to their services and rates on their Service Provider account. This shall include all information regarding any distinction on services provided and all costs associated with such service. Service Providers will have an option to enter their rates, coverage area, refund, additional hourly rates, rates for same day & next day orders, working over pre-booked times etc. Under their Service Provider profile. Although not all of the service options are mandatory, Service Providers must list their rates for services in order to be listed on the site.

When the job is a local move (when the customers locations are within 35 miles of each other) no additional travel fees will be added as the service provider is charging for the time it takes to drive to the customers’ second location.

Two (2) hours of services will be the minimum for which each Service Provider can contract for services. Service Providers will have an opportunity to list a flat rate for each two (2), three (3) or four (4) hour of services for a minimum of $20 per person, per hour.

For any hours over the pre-booked time, the provider has the option of allowing (1) hour extra at the regular hourly rate. If a client need more than one extra hour, the provider may decline to provide services beyond the extra 1 hour - they may also readjust the hourly rates for the "over-time" - or time beyong the extra hour they pre-booked. Example, if a client books two hours, the provider can stay one hour extra (if time permits) at the regular hourly rate; however, if the client goes beyond that one hour extra, the provider may adjust the rates. THE RATES MAY BE HIGHER THAN THEIR NORMAL HOURLY RATE.


If a move goes beyond 15 minutes, it is rounded up to the next hour.


The following policies apply to fees associated with a cancellation:

Cancellation fees may not exceed deposit amount of order if it is cancelled less than twenty four (24) hours before scheduled start time. Should a Service Provider fail to accept an order or a Customer cancels an order due to an inability to contact the Service Provider, or if a Service Provider fails to show up during designated start time, or if the order is cancelled within the first (48) hours booking, a cancellation fee will not apply.

Payments: Customers pay Service Providers cash on location. If a Service Provider is unable to collect payment from their Customer their sole remedy is against that Customer.

Fees: MovingHelpCenter charges providers $30 per booking. This amount is deducted at booking and included in the customers deposit with MovingHelpCenter. Provider's collect cash on location from Customer

9. Third Party Content, Sites, and Services

Any links to third party services found on MovingHelpCenter do not operate under the same TOS, and are not the responsibility of MovingHelpCenter. MovingHelpCenter is not liable or responsible for any information or content viewed on third party sites. Any agreements made through a third party service are strictly between the Service Provider and that service. You agree that any misinformation, damage, or loss incurred through any third party services is not the responsibility of MovingHelpCenter  to resolve.


10. Electronic Delivery of Communications

You agree and consent to receive electronically all communications, agreements, documents, notices and disclosures (collectively, "Communications") that we provide in connection with your HireAHelper account ("Account") and your use of our services. Communications include:

Agreements and policies you agree to (e.g., the User Agreement and the Privacy Policy), including updates to these agreements or policies; annual disclosures, including transaction receipts or confirmations; Account statements and history; federal and state tax statements we are required to make available to you; and any other Account or transaction information. We will provide these Communications to you by posting them on the website and/or by emailing them to you at the primary email address listed in your profile.


11. Notification of Claims or Infringement

If at any time while browsing or using MovingHelpCenter services you believe that your information is being misused, improperly displayed, or misrepresented creating copyright infringement, or in blatant violation with your personal rights, please contact MovingHelpCenter immediately at:

In Order to properly diagnose and resolve the issue, please provide us with the necessary information:

  1. The material in question, and enough information for us to locate it. Such as a URL, or description of how and where it was viewed by you.

  2. A statement by you providing substantial reasoning, belief, or evidence that the material is in violation of its creator, rightful owner, or the law.

  3. A statement by you certifying under penalty of perjury that the above information you provided is accurate, and that you are either the rightful owner or acting out of the best interest of the rightful owner, of the material in question.

  4. Your name, address, telephone number, and signature. If after proper investigation the material or person in question is found to be in violation, MovingHelpCenter will remove the material and reserves the right to take further action against its creator, such as removing the account from our website, by the steps necessary in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

12. Privacy and Information Disclosure

MovingHelpCenter provides its Users with a Privacy Policy. Which can be viewed here: /privacy/ By using the services of MovingHelpCenter, Service Providers are agreeing with the Privacy Policy which states that MovingHelpCenter stores information such as your IP address, email address, timestamps, or any other information entered by its User. MovingHelpCenter reserve the right to log all information into its database to be used for our Users and customers. We also reserve the right to disclose any information to the extent required by law, if, to provide information necessary for any claims any person or entity may take against another user, to enforce the TOS, or to protect the rights of MovingHelpCenter or Users' personal rights.

13. Conduct

As a Service Provider with MovingHelpCenter you agree not to publish, email other users, or in any other way make available for public viewing, content that is:

  • Unlawful

  • Malicious

  • Disruptive

  • Offensive

  • Pornographic

  • Indecent

  • Inappropriate

  • Degrading

  • Discriminatory against: age, sex, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion, ethnicity or race

  • Violates federal, state, and local law

  • Misrepresenting

  • Deceitful

  • threatening to MovingHelpCenter, its employees, its Users, customers, affiliates and/or partners.

You also agree not to use our database for: improper solicitation or to advertise for any illegal services for your own or any third party, implanting or creating computer viruses, or controlled interruption to our server or information provided to and by MovingHelpCenter.

Furthermore, you agree not to commit forgery, harass MovingHelpCenter, its employees, customers, or users, or attempt to acquire information only provided to MovingHelpCenter administration by any means. A violation of any of the aforementioned is grounds for immediate deactivation of your account and grounds for criminal charges.

14. No Spam Policy

As a Service Provider with MovingHelpCenter you agree not to use any personal information such as a User’s name, phone number, and/or email address acquired through MovingHelpCenter for spamming purposes. Distribution of any such information without the prior written consent of MovingHelpCenter is strictly forbidden.

15. Limitations

As a Service Provider with MovingHelpCenter you agree that can at any time enforce limitations of any rightful kind upon its users. In no event will MovingHelpCenter be liable to you for any lost profits, lost savings or incidental, indirect, special or consequential damages, arising out of your use or inability to use the services or the breach of this agreement, even if advised of the possibility of such damages.


16. Access to the Service

MovingHelpCenter welcomes any company to sign up on its website at to provide moving labor service. MovingHelpCenter provides you limited access to our database in order to promote and advertise your services. At no time does MovingHelpCenter offer administrative access to its Service Providers. MovingHelpCenter does not allow its Service Providers to provide outside links and or phone numbers with the purpose of further advertising oneself commercially or circumventing the MovingHelpCenter service via available description fields. Service Providers are allowed to link MovingHelpCenter on their own websites or services, as long as they are not providing harmful or malicious information about MovingHelpCenter, or its employees, partners or services.

17. Termination of Service

MovingHelpCenter reserves the right to remove any account from its site by deleting such account and blocking IP address for any reasons that it feels is necessary.

As a Service Provider with MovingHelpCenter you agree and understand that if at any time you are found to be abusing, or in violation of the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, or the law, MovingHelpCenter is able to remove you from the site, by deleting your account, blocking your IP address, and any other means necessary to prevent you from performing the same acts.


18. Proprietary Rights

All content, material, and images uploaded to MovingHelpCenter by MovingHelpCenter employees is copyrighted. Service Provider agrees not to misuse any of this content for your own purposes other than to advertise the services of Although does not authenticate any content published by its Users, you agree not to misuse any content that is provided by Users, either. Service Provider also agrees not to use any information provided on for any use other than acquiring a Customer on

19. Disclaimer of Warranties

As a Service Provider with MovingHelpCenter you agree that MovingHelpCenter is not responsible for any complaints you may have with other Users or Service Providers. MovingHelpCenter is not responsible for providing you with business, or quality work. MovingHelpCenter is strictly a database of Service Providers. Any Labor Services you receive or offer to a Customer is a contract between you and that Customer. MovingHelpCenter is just a means to find that Customer. We are not a staffing agency, representative, provider, contractor, or employer to any Service Provider. By advertising your Labor Services on MovingHelpCenter, you are agreeing to represent yourself properly, and perform the services you procured for correctly. By accepting an Order through MovingHelpCenter , you are agreeing that any issues regarding the quality or work performance by you are to be resolved between yourself and the Customer. MovingHelpCenter is not legally responsible for settling or being involved in any disputes you may have with another User or Customer. By using MovingHelpCenter services, you are agreeing that any contracts made by you by means of MovingHelpCenter, are solely the responsibility of yourself and the Customer involved.


20. Indemnity

As a Service Provider with MovingHelpCenter you agree not to hold MovingHelpCenter , its employees, Users, Customers, partners and/or affiliates liable for any injuries suffered by you or your crew members during the execution of an Order. Service Provider agrees that you cannot hold MovingHelpCenter, or its employees responsible for any loss or damages you may incur while using services on MovingHelpCenter, or any third party services advertised.


21. Drug and Alcohol Testing

As a Service Provider with MovingHelpCenter, you agree that you and your employees will be free of any alcohol or drugs while performing Labor Services for a Customer. There are specific “opt in” programs within MovingHelpCenter which require all participating Service Providers to pass Drug Testing and adhere to certain qualifications. More detailed information about these programs will made available on a need to know basis in the Service Provider’s account.


22.1 If Service Provider accepts an Order that requires drug tested employees, only employees who have submitted proof of passing a drug test may be sent for those Orders.


22.1.1 Any falsification of drug testing proof will be grounds for immediate removal from MovingHelpCenter.


22.2 MovingHelpCenter reserves the right to randomly audit employees on any Order requiring drug tested employees.


22.2.1 MovingHelpCenter reserves the right to suspend or remove Service Providers from the marketplace for sending non-drug tested employees to an Order requiring drug tested employees.

22.3 If anything occurs that could jeopardize a worker’s drug test status, MovingHelpCenter must be notified immediately. That worker must either pass a new drug test or be removed from the drug test program.


22.3.1 MovingHelpCenter also reserves the right to randomly require workers to resubmit new drug tests at anytime in order to stay in the program


22.3.2 Service Providers must pass new drug tests periodically to stay in the program.


22. Criminal Records & Background Checks

By becoming a Service Provider on the MovingHelpCenter marketplace you agree that you have not been accused or found guilty of any federal, state, or foreign criminal activity including but not limited to: any felony theft, assault, battery, stalking, any type of sexual misconduct, rape, pedophilia, etc. False representation regarding these issues may result in immediate removal from the marketplace and criminal charges. MovingHelpCenter maintains the right to run background checks on any/all of Service Provider and any employees of companies listed as Service Providers.


23.1 If Service Provider accepts an Order that requires background checked employees, only employees who have submitted proof of passing a background check may be sent for those Orders.


23.1.1 Any falsification of background check proof will be grounds for immediate removal from MovingHelpCenter .

23.2 MovingHelpCenter reserves the right to randomly audit employees on any Order requiring background checked employees.


23.3. MovingHelpCenter also reserves the right to randomly require workers to resubmit new background checks at anytime in order to stay in the program


23.3.2 Service Providers must pass a new background check periodically to stay in the program.


23. Alleged Theft Claims

All Service Providers are required to submit to the following procedures in the event the customer claims missing items while the Service Provider’s crew was on site:

24.1 Service Provider must update their crew member list with names, photos and email addresses for all crew members that were working for the Service Provider or who were recently terminated or quit.


24.2 Service Provider must send a picture of a photo ID for all crew members that were on the order where the missing items were reported.


24.3 Service Provider must begin a background check on all crew members that were on the order where the missing items were reported. New background checks must be completed if the current background check is greater than three years old.


24.4 These tasks must be completed within five days from when the Service Provider receives the initial complaint/claim email sent by the MovingHelpCenter Claims Department. Failure to complete these tasks within the allotted time frame will result in your account being deactivated until the tasks are completed in full.


24.5 Service Provider must work cooperatively and in a timely manner with the claim representative. While MovingHelpCenter occasionally assists with financial compensation of claims, Service Providers are ultimately responsible for any reimbursement of losses incurred by their doing.


MovingHelpCenter encourages Service Providers to help resolve missing item issues with their customers in order to prevent claims from being filed through MovingHelpCenter .


24. License and Insurance

All Service Providers are required to have all appropriate licenses and/or insurance as required by law. Service Providers must be able to produce copies of any license and insurance information that is listed on the site. Failure to be able to provide proof of listed license, insurance or offering services that the Service Provider doesn't carry proper licenses for is grounds for removal from MovingHelpCenter .

25. Violation of Terms and Liquidated Damages

Please report any violation of the TOS by emailing to: