Best Rates for Moving Helpers in NYC: 2 Movers 2 Hours for $120 Total

Need help moving in NYC? Whether you need help moving in The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan or even in Jersey City, Deliverance movers delivers reliable, experienced moving labor services to your front door.

Rent a truck, pack your things and let experienced hands from Deliverance Movers in NYC wrap your furniture, load & unload your things for you. Why DIY whenever you can hire a helper in NYC to do it for you at a reasonable rate?

Deliverance Movers in New York, NY

  • Same Day Services are available upon special request.

  • Next Day Services are available.

Moving Labor Rates

  • 2 Movers 2 Hours $120

  • 2 Movers 3 Hours $170

  • 2 Movers 4 Hours $220

  • 2 Movers 5 Hours $370

Reserve Moving Help in New York, NY

Reserve your team today with $40 down, pay the rest whenever the movers are finished. Click here to hire a helper in New York City

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