Pros and Cons of Renting a Storage Unit During Your NJ Move

Updated: Mar 13

by Sofia Perry (AZ Moving Pros)

Renting a storage unit for your for your impending relocation can be highly beneficial. You will have more space for your belongings, which may allow you to renovate your new home with ease. It will provide you with a way to better organize your items, as well as keep them safe at the same time.

Moving & Storage in New Jersey

However, storage units cost money, and they can be in awkward places. The best way to ensure that you have a location that serves your needs perfectly is to contact Moving Help Center and tell us what you need. We will find a perfect solution for you. But before you do so, you might want to consider:

Is renting a storage unit during your NJ move a good idea?

The answer to this question highly depends on the nature of your relocation. For example, if you are downsizing, having a storage unit where you can store your extra belongings is a fantastic idea. On the other hand, if you are moving into a larger home, the benefits might not be as prominent. You also need to think about whether your new home has a backyard. If so, you might want to consider renting one of the portable storage units, as they provide ultimate convenience. All in all, your situation will dictate the use of a storage unit. You need to carefully weigh the pros and cons of renting one before you come to a decision.

What are the pros of renting a storage space?

Here are the three main "pros" of renting storage space:

Additional space

Better organization

Safety of your belongings

But, again, depending on the type of your move, there may be further benefits to be found. For example, if you have hired movers to transfer furniture to your new address but are unsure of whether everything will fit, you may want to tell them to bring in one piece at a time. Having a storage unit handy will allow you to move a few items and reassess your situation.

Additional space

The first main benefit of having a storage unit is obvious. You are going to have much more space for your items. That means that, even if you are downsizing, that you will not need to get rid of some of your possessions. You never know when you will end up needing them, after all, and having them inside a secure storage facility might be your best option.

Renting a storage unit for your impending relocation can be highly beneficial.

Ensure that you select the right storage type for your items, though. If you have a lot of heavy and bulky items, you are going to need a unit that comes with loading services. You know, the same services that you can get from your movers. Otherwise, you may need to lift and carry all the items on your own. In any case, it is always better to have the option of someone else doing the loading.

Better organization

If you have many items to bring into your new home, it can be really easy to lose track of some of them. By renting a storage unit, you can essentially divide your belongings into two separate wholes. This will make it a lot easier to organize and save you valuable time and energy. Using a storage unit for this purpose is also something that experts from heartily recommend. From their experience, clients that use their units in such a way are much happier with their relocation.

Safety of your belongings

The last but not least "pro" is the safety of your items while within a storage unit. All modern units are equipped with electronic surveillance, and many of them have live on-site security as well. This can be extremely important if you are moving into a neighborhood with a high crime rate and your home still does not have all the safety measures installed. In this case, relocating some of your more valuable belongings to a storage unit is definitely a good idea. But if you need to move heavy items to and from the storage unit on a regular basis, you might want to look into moving labor services to make it easier on yourself. You don't need to use them all the time, but it is good to have the option.

What are the cons of renting a storage space?

We've talked about how great it is to have a storage unit handy, but what about the cons that come along with it? The main drawbacks of renting a storage unit are:




Of course, you might find even more cons if you rent a sub-par storage unit. But that should not be an issue if you choose us as your provider.


Depending on the neighborhood, you might not be able to get a unit in a convenient location. By far, this is the biggest "con" when it comes to storage units. Having your belongings far away makes you unable to access them when you really need them. Or, at the very least, it will force you into long trips to get the item you want.


Let's face it; storage units are not free. Depending on the location, size, and conveniences, storage units can set you back for a considerable amount. For many families, renting a storage unit is a luxury that they simply can't afford. While there are cheap solutions, they are usually in places that are far away from large cities, making them unattractive for short-term storage.


Lastly, there is the issue of accessibility when renting a storage unit. Most units have working hours which means that your items will not always be available to you. It is also a lot more difficult to retrieve an item from a storage unit than simply opening a closet door. Even if your unit is close to your home, you still need to walk or drive to it. Therefore, if you are storing items that you need immediate access to, a storage unit might not be a viable option. However, you can also solve this problem entirely by renting a portable unit that is brought right to your door.

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