Coronavirus Confirmed in New York, Manhattan Lawyer & Healthcare Worker

COVID-19 Bites The Big Apple

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo announced on Tuesday morning a second confirmed case of coronavirus in New York. On Monday the governor said coronavirus in New York was "inevitable" .

A 50-year-old lawyer who works in Manhattan and lives in the New Rochelle has been hospitalized and tested positive for the coronavirus. He has no current history of foriegn travel, suggesting that the virus is spreading from person to person within the community.

“We are now going through possible connections,” Cuomo said. The man had recently traveled to Miami, but not to any country with an ongoing outbreak.

A school in the Bronx, attended by his child, has been shut down as a precaution.

Moving Through Manhattan

The states first case is a 39-year-old woman in Manhattan. She is a health care worker who had been visiting Iran, one of the epicenters of the virus’s rapid spread. She has been isolated in her apartment since the last weekend.

Governments have restricted travel, while companies have encouraged employees to work from home and canceled events as the virus goes viral. Facebook users have reported being discontent with seeing repeated references to the virus on their newsfeed.

The Word Around Town

“Yes, people are going to get infected,” the governor said in an interview on Long Island News Radio, adding that “80 percent self-resolve.”

“The real issue is how many people will get seriously ill,” Mr. Cuomo said. “How many people, God forbid, could lose their lives.”

The New York City mayor’s office said in a statement that the man was in “serious condition” and that officials were working to identify whom he may have come in close contact with.

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