Coronavirus Patient in San Antonio Visits North Star Mall & Holiday INN

(AP Photo/Eric Gay)

MIlitary Quarantine Goes South

A woman who was released from quarantine in Lackland Air Force Base went to North Star Mall in San Antonio and a local airport hotel shortly thereafter. Health officials say she tested “weakly positive” for the virus that causes COVID-19.

San Antonio Metro Health has been tracking the person's movements and interactions to determine whether others may have been exposed to the coronavirus. "The number of people is small and the risk of exposure is low," said Anita K. Kurian, Metro Health's assistant director.

The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said it's now contacting people who may have been in contact with the individual.

The person in question was treated and isolated after returning to the United States from Wuhan, China on a federally chartered flight. After two test results came back negative, the individual was cleared to leave, CDC released in a statement.

Permission to Leave

The woman was free for 12 hours before being returned to Lackland Air Force base, she checked into a hotel near the San Antonio International Airport and spent approximately two hours at North Star Mall, Metro Health Assistant Director Dr. Anita Kurian said Monday.

“This is yet another troubling episode in the chaotic mismanagement of this looming threat," said Lloyd Doggett, a Democratic congressman representing San Antonio. "Releasing an evacuee prior to negative test confirmation by CDC in Atlanta is completely unjustified. It is vital this not happen with any others in quarantine, who are scheduled for Monday release."

Changes Coming Soon

San Antonio officials are discussing ways to update the current protocol set by federal officials to ensure those who remain in quarantine pose no threat to the community when they are released.

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