DIY Moving: Preparing Your Glass Table with A Standard Household Blanket & Shrink Wrap.

DIY moving is a great way to roll up your sleeves and prove to yourself that you can handle whatever challenge life decides to throw your way. With a few old blankets, a roll of shrink wrap and boxing, or masking tape, you can prepare for the moving challenge like a pro.

Preparing for a Move

Clear the area you will be working in so you can move easier & faster. Nothing dis-eases the mind like clutter, and a simple trick to make it more enjoyable is to have things in order prior to doing the hard work.

Protecting a Glass Table

If you have a heavy-glass top dining table, don't panic. Its actually very easy (and cheap) to protect.

Things Used

- 1 Comforter

- Shrink Wrap

- Masking Tape

- Foam from Laptop Box

First, move the chairs out of the way and throw a blanket over the table. Center the blanket so it hangs evenly over both sides.

Secondly, cut the laptop foam pieces in half and place them on each corner. Secure them in place with 3+ rounds of shrink wrap.

Lastly, shrink wrap the middle of the table nice and tight. You can add cardboard to the sides for extra protection.

You can either set the glass top on it's side and wrap the legs, or you can let your moving helpers lift the glass top for you. Its not recommended that you try to move the glass top by yourself.

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